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Float away from your daily routine! Sauna and relaxation area

Relax and let go in a carefree atmosphere, in which everything is possible as long as it is relaxing and enjoyable, and restore your emotional equilibrium. After an active day, you can look forward to recharging your batteries in the spa area of The HOMANN.

And the rest and relaxation areas of our hotel are the best place to do it. Enjoy healthy relaxation cuddled in a soft bathrobe. Let your eyes close on a dream, enjoy relaxing music or pick up a book you have always wanted to read. Or simply give yourself over to the calm and silence and let the view of the romantic mountain landscape work its magic. Through the panorama window, the grandeur of the mountains seems close enough to touch.

Spa Area

Recreation for all senses

The spa area of The HOMANN is equipped with:

Sauna and relaxation area Sauna and relaxation area Sauna and relaxation area
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