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Experience mountains, enjoyment and joie de vivre A glimpse of the Hotel and its hosts

As soon as you arrive, you will know that you have found the perfect place to relax and enjoy the finer side of life to your heart's content.

Find joy in life and the finer things that it offers! Enjoy your holiday in exclusive seclusion surrounded by attentive service, uncompromising quality, warm hospitality, rustic comfort as well as cosiness and the very pleasant company of people who appreciate the good things in life just as much as you do.

As your hosts, it is our innermost desire not just to offer you a roof but to pamper you. It is important to us that you should feel you are among good friends when you come to stay with us. We hope that you feel entirely at peace here and take home plenty of pleasant memories from your stay.

Be our guest!
The Homann Family

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