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Fine wines combined with delicate dishes Treasures of the wine cellar

A treasure trove for connoisseurs: In the vaults of the wine cellar, the finest wines from around the world quietly await their maturity.

The ancient Romans believed that "in wine lies truth". Wine is, without a doubt, also a source of incomparable pleasure. The connoisseur is introduced into a world of delicate flavours and aromas as a prelude to a delicious taste and a tonic effect.

Over 400 different wines from exquisite vintners in the best growing regions of the world are waiting in our wine cellar, crafted by renowned winegrowers for demanding connoisseurs. An additional assortment of selected dessert wines and fine spirits awaits discovery by discerning palates.

Treasures of the wine cellar Treasures of the wine cellar Treasures of the wine cellar
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